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Olive leaf cheese - Masseria Cinque Santi | Salento cheese

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Olive leaf cheese - Masseria Cinque Santi | Salento cheese

Olive leaf cheese - Masseria Cinque Santi is a Salento raw cheese, produced with whole raw cow and sheep's milk, coming from the evening and morning milking.

The olive leaf cheese is left to mature at a temperature of 12÷14°C, for at least 180 days; when the rind is ripe, it then continues its maturation immersed in E.V.O. Olive Oil. Organic "Cinque Santi" for a period ranging from 40 to 60 days depending on the size of the wheel, during which it acquires the characteristic fruity aroma that makes it unique and precious.
It finishes its aging wrapped in olive strips .

This Salento cheese has a light greenish-brown crust on the outside, a crumbly paste with a compact consistency with irregularly distributed small holes of an ivory color tending towards darker straw underneath crust.

It has a vegetable smell of dried grass but also dried fruit, a balanced flavor of medium intensity and a good persistence.

Use: It is an excellent table cheese, also ideal for composing a cutting board and goes well with pepper mustard or pear, orange, pumpkin jam. Also perfect with "Gelotta all'Arancia" - Masseria Cinque Santi.

Conservation: 12°C wrapped in parchment paper.

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100 Items