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Box Torre Santa Cesarea | Packaging of typical Salento products

Box Torre Santa Cesarea is a package of typical Salento products, suitable for wine lovers who do not want to give up the flavors of the area.

With B.La.La Box you can taste the excellent food and wine of the Salento area by discovering different producers of excellent Food and Wine.

The Torre Santa Cesarea Box includes:

-    Rosae, Salento IGP, White, 75cl - Cantina San Donate to us
-    Tarallini in olive oil, 500 gr. -  Agricola Taurino
   Anarkos, IGP Salento, Red, 75cl - Agricola Felline

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Box Torre Santa Cesarea | Packaging of typical Salento products

Are you looking for a package of typical Salento products so you never have to give up the delicacies of the area?
Box Torre Santa Cesarea is the solution that's right for you!

In fact, this box contains the typical taste and quality of Salento products.

Curiosity: B.La.La Salento is a project for the selection and promotion of typical Salento products and to celebrate this wonderful land we have decided to dedicate some B.La.La Boxes to the coastal towers of Salento as in the case of Box Torre Santa Cesarea.

In the B.La.La Shop you will find over 20 boxes with 4 price ranges and with different compositions of products to choose from!

47 Items