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Squarciafico - Rosato Negroamaro Salento IGT - Cupertinum | Salento wine

Rosé Squarciafico - Salento IGT - Cupertinum | Salento wine 

Appellation: Salento IGT

Grapes: Negroamaro

Type: Rosé

Territory: Copertino (Apulia).

Alcohol content: 12.5% 

Features: Fresh and lively, slightly lively, it is characterized by a pale pink colour, tending towards vermilion, transparent and glossy. Intense bouquet and vinous aroma with decisive fruity contribution, with notes of blackberry. Dry, savory, fresh taste and a subtly and pleasantly bitter and caressing base.

Pairings: Suitable for aperitifs and seafood and land appetizers and with traditional Salento and Italian first courses in general.

Service temperature: 8 - 10 °C.

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Rosé Squarciafico - Salento IGT - Cupertinum | Salento wine 

The Salento wine Squarciafico - Rosato Negroamaro Salento IGT - Cupertinum is produced from Negroamaro grapes.

Squarciafico - rosé Negroamaro Salento IGT - Copertinum is a fresh and lively wine, slightly sparkling, with a coral pink color and an intense bouquet, a vinous aroma with a decisive fruity contribution , notes of blackberry, dry, savory, fresh and pleasantly bitter on the base.

This Salento wine is perfect to combine with aperitifs and appetizers of both sea and land.

Vine varieties: Negroamaro

Harvest period: last ten days of August

Production area: Copertino – Lecce

Alcohol content: 12.5% ​​vol

View: soft pink, bright and consistent

Smell: fruity and floral

Taste: intense, fresh and fruity

Service temperature: 8-10°C

101 Items


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