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Capocollo drunk - Mocavero Salumi | Salento product

Ubriaco Capocollo - Mocavero Salumi | Salentino Products

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Drunk Capocollo - Mocavero Salumi | Salento product

Drunken Capocollo - Mocavero Salumi is a Salento product aged in the pomace of Negroamaro, a typical Salento vine.

The project, born from the Mocavero sisters, was immediately appreciated by numerous gourmand enthusiasts and awarded by the Bocconi University as an innovative product.

The entry into the world of butchery of a female producer, the only one mentioned in this guide, gives us hope for other possible future contributions by women in this all-male world.

 The edge of the slice of drunk Capocollo bears the indelible marks of the touch of bacchus and has a purplish color and a bright red in the heart with correct distribution of the infiltrated fat.
The taste shines with a sweet, savory, enveloping and intense touch, the withered flowers and the fruity scratch recall some characteristics of the pomace in which this Salento product is aged.

Format: 1 kg

100 Items