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Box "Torre Palane"

Box Torre Palane  is a package that contains a mix of products selected from the best companies in Salento.
In the Torre Mozza Box you will find these typical Salento products:
-     Anarkos, PGI Salento, Red, 75cl  -  Agricola Felline
-     Friselline with cereals, 200 gr.  -  Agricola Taurino
-     Tarallini with olive oil,  400 gr  Agricola Taurino
-     66 cl Agricultural Beer  -  Salento Beer
-     33 cl tIPA beer  -  Salento beer

-     Staffetta Salentina, approx. 400g  -  Mocavero Salumi

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Box "Torre Palane"

Box Torre Mozza is a package designed for all lovers of typical Salento products. 
We have selected the food and wine excellences of Salento to give you an unforgettable experience.

Curiosity : B.La.La Salento is a project for the selection and promotion of Salento products and to celebrate this wonderful land we have decided to dedicate some B .La.La Box at the coastal towers of Salento as in the case of  Box Torre Palane .

100 Items