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Crazy wheels - Benedetto Cavalieri pasta factory | Salento Pasta

Format: Crazy Wheels

Category: Durum wheat semolina pasta

Cooking time: 12 -13 minutes

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Crazy wheels - Benedetto Cavalieri pasta factory | Salento pasta

Le Ruote pazze - Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri is a Salento pasta so called in the local tradition because it is not perfectly circular.

After cooking, however, the ruote pazze do not flatten as happens for rigatoni and paccheri but remain taut, allowing the sauce to freely penetrate inside and remain there.

This Salento pasta has a cylindrical shape approx. 22 mm consisting of a circular crown (Ø 25 mm) connected to the hub (Ø 6 mm) by 6 spokes (9 mm). Crown, hub and spokes have 3 different thicknesses which give the chewing that particular sensation comparable to the combination of the crumb and the crust of good bread, a sensation much appreciated by fine palates.

In our factory, the production of "Ruote pazze" is already present in an inventory dated 1938: right from the start they have had uninterrupted success in Italy and abroad and are present on the menus of many restaurants, even among the most renowned in the world.

Format: Mad Wheels

Category: Durum wheat semolina pasta

Cooking time: 12 -13 minutes 

81 Items