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Torre Sant'Isidoro box | Packaging of Salento products

The Torre Sant'Isidoro Box is a package that contains a mix of the best Salento products carefully selected for you!
Box Torre Sant'Isidoro includes: 
-   Durum wheat semolina pasta format Ruote Pazze of 500 gr. - Benedetto Cavalieri
-    Mixed Soup, Zollino Legumes, 400gr - Calò & ; Mount 
-    Gold Avio Blend Coffee, 250g - Quarta Caffè
-    Smoked Caciocavallo, approx. 400gr - Masseria Cinque Santi
-    Friselline with cereals, 200 gr. - Agricola Taurino
-    Agricultural, Beer  33cl - Salento Beer
-   Cenate Vecchie, Salento IGP, Rosato - Cantine Bonsegna
-    Amaluna, Salento sparkling wine, Extra dry, 75cl - Cantine Due Palme
-    Anarkos, IGP Salento, Red, 75cl - Agricola Felline

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Torre Sant'Isidoro box | Packaging of Salento products

Box Torre Sant'Isidoro is a package designed for all lovers of Salento products.
We have selected the food and wine excellences of Salento to give you an unforgettable experience.

Curiosity: B.La.La Salento is a project for the selection and promotion of Salento products and to celebrate this wonderful land we have decided to dedicate some B .La.La Box at the coastal towers of Salento as in the case of Box Torre Sant'Isidoro.

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48 Items